Santa Rosa will be present on the 27th of September at the Carubbian Festival

“Santa Rosa will be present with yet another spectacular market during Carubbian Festival”

“Celebrating the international tourism day”

Thursday the 27th of September Santa Rosa will be present once more during the Carubbian Festival at San Nicolas, this time celebrating the international tourism day.

During this evening Santa Rosa will be present with yet another spectacular market as Santa Rosa is well known for. There will be stands present selling local cuisine such as meat, pumpkin and the famous lion fish soup. There will also be stands selling freshly made juices, made out of locally grown fruits such as sorsaca, tamarind, lime and papaya. Especially for the vegetarians, there will be a stand selling all kind of vegetarian snacks.

Stands selling fruit plants will be present hereby promoting home gardening.

Everyone present will have the opportunity to enjoy spectacular dancing shows showcasing carnival costumes, and dance to the music of Climaxx and Oreo, two of Aruba’s biggest bands.

The Tourism Board will officially open their San Nicolas branch during this evening, which will be giving visitors information and guides of Aruba’s attractions.

Santa Rosa would like to invite locals and visitors to come and enjoy this magnificent celebration and at the same time enjoy the local cuisine that makes Santa Rosa so famous.

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