Discover the health benefits that avocado has to offer

“Santa Rosa advices on the perfect planting technique for the avocado seed”

This “raining season” is the perfect time to plant an avocado tree right in your back yard !



The avocado has many health benefits for the human body. Each avocado contains more than 20 different valuable nutrients such as fiber, potassium, vitamin A and B and more important of all; it functions as a “booster”, allowing the body to absorb all the nutrients from other meals while consumed together with the avocado.

Before planting the avocado seed it has to be prepared. This can be done by leaving it in room temperature for a couple of days. After this has been done, insert 3 or 4 toothpick sticks horizontally through the seed and put this hanging on top of a glass bottle filled with water, in a way that the top of the seed is left outside of the water and the rest is submerged in water. Once you have noticed that the seed is producing roots you can plant this outside in a hole of 6-8 inch wide and 10-12 inch deep, and water regularly.

After 6 months of planting the seed you can start using fertilizers on a monthly basis.

Remember that an advocado seed will grow into a really big tree, thus make sure to have enough space for your future plant. After 8 to 10 years your plant will start producing avocados.  

Here at Santa Rosa we sell advocato plants that will produce avocados in 2-3 years.





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